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This programme is for those who are serious about getting results, improving on every level and crushing the competition.

Our coaching experience is driven by attention to detail, unrivalled 1-to-1 support, and precise feedback from a range of artificial intelligence tools. We make sure that each client receives the support they need to succeed within the competitive UK job market.

To ensure we can give our clients the time and attention they deserve, we limit our intake to 20 students per year. This allows each client to benefit from unlimited access to Mike  via 1-to-1 online sessions, through WeChat, and over the phone. If you need assistance, we’ll be on hand to help.

The Job
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Our clients come to us because they want to understand how they can improve and succeed.
We’ll help you to do this in three ways

Understanding you

Our coaching programme will be tailored to your needs. We’ll manage your expectations, we’ll speak to you at least three times before you join the programme, and we’ll produce a personalised coaching plan before you pay anything.

Data-driven feedback

At the start of the programme you’ll sit several assessments so we can understand your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll then use our experience and a range of artificial intelligence tools to design a bespoke plan of action.

Results-driven coaching

We’ll tailor each coaching session to your requirements. We have clear plans that will help you to achieve the results you want. Your programme will be designed around you so that you receive a truly personal experience.

Arrange a
discovery call

Call 0203 4886472, email, or send us a message to arrange a convenient discovery call that will help you understand what’s stopping you from achieving your goals.

We’ll tell you exactly how our bespoke coaching service will get you where you want to go.

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There are four main criteria that we consider within your application. If you meet at least two of these criteria we urge you to contact us directly, so we can assess you over the phone.


  • A valid UK visa A minimum of six months left on a Tier 1/2/4 visa. We’ll require proof of this prior to you joining the programme.
  • Reasonable English skills We expect reasonable spoken and written English. We can provide additional support if needed.
  • A degree We usually expect a minimum of a 2:1 (60% and above) bachelor’s degree. Depending on your CV, a 2:2 may be accepted.
  • The right attitude Our programme requires dedication and hard work. We need our candidates to have discipline and resilience.

Our guarantee

We believe in the quality of our coaching – so much so that once you join our programme, you’ll have 30 days to change your mind (unless you miss a session or get a job).

This means that we have to show you how good we are within those first 30 days or we’ll give you your money back (minus a 5% administration fee).

Programme syllabus

1Assessment and testing

Initial assessment

During our initial 60-minute call we’ll cover a series of questions about your history in order to identify:

  • Strengths
  • Areas to work on
  • Areas to assess

Formal assessment and testing

This assessment will allow us to:

  • Test the areas you need to work on
  • Assess your performance on company-specific exercises
  • Provide detailed feedback
  • Create a results-orientated coaching plan

2Career positioning

Current suggested roles

We’ll provide a tailored list of target companies based on your chosen industry and preferences. There are more than 31,000 companies that can sponsor a Tier 2 visa in the UK. We’ll find the best opportunities for you, whether the company is in the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers, or is an SME.

Weekly vacancy research

Every Monday we’ll send you hand-picked vacancies and UK updates that we believe are important for your ongoing job search.


CV rewrite

We’ll tailor your CV to your chosen roles. There’s no limit to the number of reviews and amendments you receive.

Proofreading and editing

We’ll edit and return all cover letters, application forms, and text relating to applications within 24 hours.

AI tools

We use artificial intelligence tools to identify common mistakes within your writing and provide you with precise corrections and feedback.

4Online tests

Premium test provider

We provide access to the largest online test database in the world, with over 250 practise packs and 15,000+ questions. All questions come with fully worked answers and explanations.

Personalised help and advice

You’ll receive tailored advice for individual company assessments and personal 1-to-1 online sessions for any questions you are struggling with.


Custom interview sessions

We offer bespoke sessions based upon interview types and questions. Some example sessions include:

  • Strength-based video interviews
  • Managing motivation questions
  • How to answer situational judgement test (SJT) questions

Video analysis

Using our AI tools, we’ll analyse your video interview answers, speech patterns, and word usage to deliver highly personal and targeted feedback on your performance.

Custom content creation

We’ll create one-of-a-kind documents for each upcoming interview, providing company and question-specific research along with steps to prepare. There’s no limit on the number of sessions. We’ll deliver until we get the desired result.

6Assessment centres

Exercise practise

We provide 1-to-1 customised practise sessions for case studies, presentations, written exercises, and final interviews using company-specific material.

Group coaching

Group training will be delivered on demand, either face-to-face or online depending on bookings from other clients.

What’s stopping you?

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