Book an Hour with Mike

Mike has spoken to over 30,000 international students since 2013. If you have a problem, he probably has the answers. Book a 60-minute session with Mike to discuss a variety of topics.


Common topics

  1. General Advice around applying for jobs in the UK tailored to your background and needs
  2. Review of a CV or Cover Letter in the session
  3. Custom interview preparation session for an upcoming interview
  4. Custom preparation session for an upcoming assessment centre
  5. Feedback on your application strategy (for candidates who are unable to make progress with their applications)
  6. Feedback on a specific presentation or another topic not covered here


Booking Instructions

  1. Scroll down and click on the Calendly Link to choose the best time for you
  2. Pay with Stripe
  3. Send us your relevant documents (the instructions will be automatically sent to you)
  4. Have your session with Mike

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a session?

Click on the Calendly Calendar above, and choose the best time for you

How do I pay for a session?

Once you have chosen the time for the session you will be prompted to pay via a debit or credit card using Stripe

I can’t book the time/date that I want what do I do?

If you need a specific day and time, you can email Mike directly to or call the office on 0203 488 6472

What if I can’t make the session?

You can reschedule the session using Calendly. We do only allow 1 rescheduled session due to Mike’s calendar. If you are unable to make the session more than once you can ask for a refund.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, as long as you request a refund 24 hours before your session was due to happen. Simply forward your booking to and we will refund you through Stripe.

I just have a quick question do I need to book a session?

You are welcome to submit a contact form with your question, but the basic rule is, if it takes longer than 5 minutes it’s better to book. As chances are you will have more than one question.

I want a CV/ Cover Letter reviewed but just want you to do it, I don’t need to talk to Mike about it what should I do

Mike would review your CV and Cover Letter and explain the process to you. We strongly advice you have the session with him to learn the principles for when you need to do this again. Otherwise, book a session as normal and in your session information form, simply say there is no need for the Zoom session.

I want to talk to Mike for more than an hour how do I do that?

You can book multiple session on the calendar. You just need to pay for the individual sessions.

Can I get a discount for booking multiple sessions?

No, Mike normally charges £89/hr + and these sessions have been priced to be as cost-effective as possible for you.

I really want to book a session with Mike, but I can’t afford £60

We want to help as many students as possible, but we are limited by time. Send an email to answering the following 2 questions:

a) Your reasons for financial hardship

b) What can you afford to pay