A Winning Cover Letter Structure



Welcome. In this series of videos we’re going to cover what cover letters are, and how they should be structured and the steps to writing each of the six parts of a cover letter. Cover letters are letters to convince an employer to choose you to work for them. Think of them like a detailed response to the question “Why do you want to do this job at this company?” Not every company asks for a cover letter, but when they do, you should take the time to submit a great cover letter as someone will read it. Before we start, let’s cover what we don’t need. Employers address, your address, the date, a letterhead, designs or photos. Why not? Well, addresses, dates and letterheads are for formal letter sent through the post. Your cover letter will be submitted digitally. All your information will be contained in your application form. Visuals like designs and photos, distract the reader from your content. Simple is best. Structure. We want to fit our cover letter into no more than 400 words, or one side of A4 using the following six part structure: Opening greeting, Who are you and what do you want? Why do you want to work for this company? Why this role? Why you? And finally, your availability. In the coming videos, we will cover each of these parts in detail, so you know the exact steps for you to write a great cover letter. See you in the next video when we will cover the first two parts of a cover letter. The opening greeting and answering “Who are you and what do you want?”