Bo’s story

When we first met in 2019, I was struck by how nervous Bo was. She really struggled with her English; her words would get stuck in her throat and her head would bob from side to side.

Bo had come to study a master’s degree at the University of Southampton because she wanted to pursue her dream of working in the UK. In a huge leap of faith and courage, she left a successful career at the Big 4 in China as well as all her friends and family.

Over the course of her coaching programme, Bo went from a nervous and scared 30-something to a confident English speaker who crushed interviews and assessment centres. She must have applied for jobs at more than 50 companies and attended more than 20 interviews, but in the end all her hard work paid off. She will soon start as an experienced hire at a Big 4 accounting firm, doing a job that she loves.


Every week, we would meet and Bo would practise, practise, practise using questions from online assessment centres and group exercises.


Every time she received an invite for an interview, she would message and we would create a custom-made document with questions and important information so that she could prepare. She would then record her answers so that we could critique the video.

All the feedback and tweaks that Bo received would be provided on our Skype calls or through written reports.


Success requires attention to detail, persistence, and sometimes sheer luck. Like many clients before her, Bo just needed a coach who had the patience and attention to detail to provide a truly personal coaching experience.

She is the perfect example of what can be achieved with hard work, persistence, and coaching.

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