Lauren K’s story

Lauren came to us in the middle of studying her Law Masters and felt so confused about the application process and the right direction to take. She’s had some trouble with her Law applications and wanted to widen her possibilities by looking at other industries.

A common misconception international student have is that they can only apply for jobs which are related to their degree, when the truth is many top UK graduate jobs are open to students from any discipline.

With a remorseless attitude for learning and a smile that could light up a room, it was no surprise that within a few months Lauren had secured multiple job offers at a professional service firm and a consulting graduate role at a top technology firm.

Our Founder worked closely with Lauren in the past, and like many of his former clients. She still stays in touch with him.

In this video here Lauren’s memories of the difficulties finding a job in the UK, as well as what she does now in her consulting role.


Video transcript

Mike M  00:03

Ty Lauren, how are you?

Lauren  00:05

Hi, Mike. Good. Thank you. Hi.

Mike M  00:07

Yeah, very well. Thank you. Good to see you. Thanks so much for making time for me.

Lauren  00:12

It’s fine. It’s been a long time since I last saw you as well,

Mike M  00:18

It has been a long time. It’s good to see you. So, tell us what are you doing right now? What are you doing at the minute?

Lauren  00:28

I’m working as a business analyst for smart metering project for UK Government. So, with communication company, we deliver smart metres in your home, basically. So, we aim to deliver by 2020, every single smart metre in every household. So, I’m helping that project as a business analyst, enhancing data reporting systems, and also looking at the Tums and data reporting metrics as well, a learning also on the job, but as well as enhancing the reporting side.

Mike M  01:06

Yeah, very cool. And just how did you end up working in consulting in the first place?

Lauren  01:15

I was graduating my law school. And I was intrigued by technology that consulting company offered. So, I thought even the law industry was disrupted by technology. So, I thought, rather than being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter. So instead of going into law firms straightaway, I decided to go to technology consulting firm so that I can increase my knowledge and technology while working.

Mike M  01:45

Very cool. And I know it’s been a little bit of time now. But if you cast your mind back, what did you find difficult about finding a job as a student,

Lauren  01:58

I was struggling with life, like lifework balance in a way that I had to study, I had to work I also had to apply for the job. So, having 24 hours a day that it was the most difficult part. So, having no coach or tutor in a previous year, I couldn’t secure my job. So, I had to decide to study one more year to be able to secure a job.

Mike M  02:35

And how did we meet?

Lauren  02:38

So, I met you through another company. And I got in contact by that through my friend’s recommendation, I met you as a coach, current coach, which was actually quite new to me, I didn’t know there was a such a thing as career coach, because I did have one from my university. But it was very limited. So, I wanted to have something more and I wanted to risk a bit more in my life to get something that I really want. So, I went to the company that you will work King for that time. And then I met you there.

Mike M  03:15

Very cool. And what was it like us working together?

Lauren  03:18

Um, refreshing. I actually like to because you will always be driving forward but friendly. Because I think during that time, I was very timid, not being able to get a job, and always quite worrying about my future, but I needed somebody positive rather than just being strict. So I like to know that you will always asking questions, whether it went well, if there’s anything that you can help. I think that was the most helpful part because I couldn’t easily open up to people about you did give me a trust through the time that you do care. And they are yet and eventually you got Oh, you helped me get a job. So yeah.

Mike M  04:08

Yeah, you I don’t know if you were ever timid, but I think you were anxious.

Lauren  04:14

Yeah, I think most of students were anxious. Um, you see that easily. Right. So

Mike M  04:20

yeah, a real kind of like, you’re caught in like a real nervous puddle of energy.

Lauren  04:26

Yeah, yeah, I was on the edge. I was on the edge because I was using my mom’s fund on my study. It was so expensive to sit in the UK, having not come from a good background, and then also many other things living costs in UK is not easy to just afford it if you are not rich, so was anxious. So I was investing for my future. And then I think I was lucky to have money. And to find you at the right time.

Mike M  05:02

Thank you. You’re very kind. I just I just finally, what would you What would you say to anyone who’s considering working with job ready English or working with me?

Lauren  05:16

Um, I think they should first think about the goals what they want to get by having a coach because I had a clear goal that I must get a job, there was nothing else. So, I knew what I wanted from you. So, I, I constantly I remember neg answers from you. I constantly asked for your feedback and your input into into my work. So, I knew what I wanted. So, I think anybody who considers having you as a coach should think about what do they want? Do they want a great career? Or a great degree? Or they want to explore education in the UK? What do they actually want in their life? Also, what’s their dream so that they can interact with you? Or clearer? Which helps you as well, I think, because without having clear goals, you don’t know actually what you’re how to help them. I’m sure you met many other students who had no clear goals. They might just say, I just want a job anywhere. I just won’t work anywhere. Yeah. Or sometimes. Some people weren’t even motivated. I was wondering, Well, why are you even here? So I think it’d be great if they do set up some goals and objectives from what they want from their life or what they want from having a coach or what they want to get out of it. They’ll be very great. Just to benefit both of future students, or you and yourself as well. I think.

Mike M  06:49

That’s brilliant. Thanks so much, Lauren, and best of luck.

Lauren  06:55

Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Bye bye.

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