Melody P’s story

So, who was the middle of the pandemic and everyone is in lockdown? And everyone is starting to fly back home, everyone is starting to kind of like, give up on everything that is here. It dynamically or for the career, everyone was just trying to be safe and be with their family. But I was there just being so stubborn because I love the UK, want to stay there. And I’ve been trying different ways to really have a better career development and have a better career myself. And at that time with my previous job, I was furloughed, kind of and I was also like, facing a lot of challenges about what I’m going to do. And I was really, really lost and confused. My family’s telling me to go back, everyone is just going back and everyone’s just like, just go back.

Why? Why are you still here? But deep down inside, I know, I just want to say I want to be in the UK. I love the space. I love the people, I love the culture, and I want to work here. And then that’s why I tell myself no matter what I’m going to give it a try. It’s going to, it’s going to be something that I wouldn’t regret, it’s going to be something that at least I tried. And I did not just give up on it.



So, I went through so many people. And then one of them I met Mike he was so inspiring. He gave me a call right after I sent him over my CV which at that time thinking about it, it was kind of really horrible, a horrible CV I would say. And then he kind of went through it very truthfully, he didn’t criticise it. But he was very, very honest about his opinion, very objective.

He was like, you did this, you did this, but this is not going to work because of this. It’s not going to work that this, you should try this, you should try this. He was really telling me very, very specifically. And through the phone call, you could really really feel that enthusiasm and his voice like how he really just loves coaching people and helping people. And I felt that a lot. And it was very, very honest. And I love it a lot because so many people just go to you and tell you that you’re great. It’s good enough, it’s well done. But it’s not because you’re not getting any jobs. You’re not getting any interviews, you’re not getting any application, it means that it’s not working.

So, I had a wakeup call because of that. But it’s good because that’s that’s how I tried to improve. It wasn’t because of that wake-up call, I will thought that it’s not my problem. It’s good. Everyone says that it’s good. Maybe it’s the company, maybe just no one sees it. But no, you have to keep on changing, you have to improve because it’s only the only way to be seen as that you improve and be better. And Mike told me that. And he was like, what are you afraid of? I said, I have reports I have dissertation, I have so many things going on. Like I don’t have time like is this what you want is like yeah, and he’s like, then go get it like Why? What are you waiting on? Like, yes, you have report, you have dissertation. So, what you can still do it like you’re still sleeping, you’re still eating.

So, Sal is really, really a wakeup call. And it was out of a pandemic and everyone was just chilling at home having their Netflix on and really just staying safe. But I was like, oh yeah, why can I not do that. And right now, with the pandemic, and he was like, it’s the pandemic, you have to be active. People are not recruiting, but you can message them, you can email them, like, you can create your own job opportunity. And I was like, Is that even possible? And he was like, Yeah, why not? Like, nothing is impossible. And I really loved that. He was always like; nothing is impossible until you try it. And that one for a few months. And every, every time I have some struggles when I asked him, he always encourages me to just try again. Like, just try again. Like it was so simple, you know, it sounded so simple, but it sounded so inspiring and motivating because he was just like, just try, just go just work on it.

And, and he is also that kind of person that shows that so he, so he leads by example. So, you always do everything like by doing that really, really nicely. So, I feel that I learned a lot from him as not just a coach but also as a friend. And he’s also very supportive. Like we had a photo shoot last time and we just had so much fun just talking about when he was supposed to be a very formal photo shoot, but we just had so many conversation like talking about like talking about, like the world right now. Like how it’s all kind of weird, and it’s all virtual right now. But yeah, he’s not just inspiring and motivating. But he’s also very nice to be around with. And I think he really helped me not in terms of my career bow.

So personal development, like he changed the way I will kind of see things like I will want to do things just hands on doing things that I will not have as much fear as I have before because I’ll be like, Oh yeah, like what Mike said, Just do it. Just try it. Nothing is impossible until you try it, which is how I actually got my job right now it’s I thought it was impossible because I wasn’t from that background. I didn’t have that that kind of similar, or not even that kind of similar academic background with all the requirements. That were kind of listed, but I had that great. So, I was like, but I’m not sure if I can do it. I’m not sure if it’s gonna work out. And he’s like, you’re not sure, but just try, like, why are you not trying? You should try. It’s always gonna work out, always try it, and then we’ll see how it goes. And that’s how I actually got my new job. So, throughout the whole journey, I feel like, yeah, Mike has been a really, really great support. And he’s been very supportive. And in terms of that, he also tries to understand you, like he talks to you, he wants to be your friend as well. And that’s what really sticks to me. And it will pure always be that personnel will like to share kind of like my new job or like, my life in general and have a beer or like I have coffee with so yeah, it was it has been really, really nice. And I’m really grateful for him. And I hope that more people can get to know him and get to see that he will be willing to help you. And with his help. I believe that you will not just be successful in your career, but you’ll also be successful in your own personal development. So yeah, you guys all should know Mike by the way, just saying go know him now.

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