Melody W’s story

Melody was a classic student that we work with at JRE. Top of her class all throughout her school life and now studying a master’s at a G5 University. Yet she found herself continuously frustrated by rejections from companies, that she just couldn’t understand.

There can be few things more disheartening then getting emails saying you failed but having no feedback and no plan or answer on how to improve and get better.

We are so grateful that she placed her faith in us and joined us just as the COVID-19 lockdown was starting in the UK, her unbeatable spirit reminded us of our favourite quotes from Warren Buffett:

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”

― Warren Buffett

She chose to invest in herself and take a risk when it seemed the whole world had gone into hiding.

Thanks to her tremendous work ethic and intelligence we guided Melody to a job offer within 60 days during lockdown.

Within 90 days she had received three job offer from a top tier investment bank, a Big 10 professional services firm and a boutique venture capital firm.

Hear from Melody herself in this interview how she managed to achieve what others thought was impossible, especially during COVID.

Interview 1

The following was is the video and transcript that Melody gave when she received her first job offer.

Check out the video in English and Mandarin.

NOTE: Melody asked that her face be obscured in her videos. The image used to represent Melody is that of an actress. Any client has the right to ask for their identity to be hidden, keeping the confidence of our clients is a top priority for us. On request, Melody is happy to speak to potential JRE clients about her experience. Learn more but submitting your CV below.



You can also watch this video, with extended commentary from Mike about the reason why Melody was so successful:







What’s up guys, Mike from Job Ready English. In this video we’re going to hear from Melody, who using Job Ready English’ services got a job in 60 days at an international financial services company during Coronavirus. Here we go.


Hey, I recently got an offer from an international financial service company based in the UK. It took about one month from when sent an application to the offer, when I joined Mike’s programme to when I got my first offer it was about two months. I’m currently studying for a Master’s degree at one of the G5 universities in the UK. And I did my bachelor’s degree back home. So, to get this offer, I first went through all the trainings that Mike provided, which covered all aspects from off the job application process from cover letter writing to online interview and case studies for interviews and so on. And for this job, we did a preparation for all steps, like online test, online interview to the final assessment centre. My advice for students is that first you really need to practice become a native speaker, you want your answer to be as fluent as possible. And even though fluency might not be the major concern in your interview, it will help you to improve your confidence and to make you feel more natural when you answer questions and also help you to pay more attention to other aspects in your answer. Also, when you practice, it’s always good to have someone to watch your video or listen to your audio to tell you where you need to improve. Because it is a much more effective way for you to make progress if someone go to tell you like where you need to pay attention to. Also, it is always good for students to start earlier in the application preparation process. First, you want to balance your studies with your job seeking. So, when you start study earlier, you get more time and you feel less pressure. Also, will you start earlier you have more opportunities, especially during the current situation. You want you have this advantage in terms of time and about my career plan. I think I want to finish the Graduate Programme and get my qualification afterwards. Choose something that is more relevant to my major background or relocated to a more exciting city. So that’s my plan.


Interview 2

Melody gave the following statement after being interviewed once she had secured 3 job offers within 90 days.

“When the I joined Mike’s programme about three months ago in early April and so far I’ve got three very good offers during this pandemic season. I feel very grateful for the help from JRE because it equipped me with all the skills I need for successful job applications and enhance my confidence about myself and also how I will perform in my future career. I recommended this programme to all of you who want to find a job in the UK because what you will get is a very tailored service that is targeted at your special strengths, weakness and the your go off job seeking. Also, you will have continuous support totally based on your needs and requirements. See, so I hope you will be part of the programme and get a very good job offer.”

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