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Mengrou was one of the shyest young women I have ever worked with and seeing this video fills me with pride. She worked so hard to get a job at the Big 4 and continues to grow both professionally and personally, which is wonderful to see.


Video transcript

Hi there, today I’d like to share my experience with Mike’s coaching with you.

I came to UK to do my master’s degree after finishing university in mainland China. The master’s here in the UK is only one year so I had to work hard studying and job hunting, all at the same time as trying to settle down in a new country.

It’s very stressful I have to admit and, as English is not my first language, it made it even harder, particularly as the job market here in the UK is quite different from the job market in China. So, I decided to look for professional help.

That’s when I found Mike.

Honestly, it was an extremely pleasant and helpful experience working with Mike.

On one hand, he knows the job application process here in the UK very well, especially for graduate jobs.

On the other hand, he is very inspiring and energetic as well. Mike not only taught me how to improve my English speaking, he also encouraged me to stay confident about myself, which is definitely a vital part in a successful job application.

We had meetings nearly every week discussing interview skills, practising questions, and brainstorming ideas.

In the end, I improved my English-speaking skills and learned how to successfully apply for a job but, more importantly, I also became more confident, more positive, and much clearer about my future career plans.

These were definitely priceless skills within my future life. I am now working at one of the Big 4 accounting firms in London, enjoying my work and my life every day in my dream city.

I do believe that we all have the potential and ability to achieve our dreams. Sometimes you might need the extra push and help to get to the finish line and I’m sure Mike’s professional expertise will definitely be helpful.

Thank you.

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