As a UK international student, when you think about applying for graduate jobs, it’s hard to know where to start.

Luckily it’s our job to know what’s going on in the UK Graduate Market so we can give the best advice.

A good place to start is getting to know the UK Graduate Market in general.

The big picture.

That way you can know which industries are hiring and which aren’t, and which companies are giving the best opportunities to students?

With so much choice, you can start to feel overwhelmed.

Kind of like walking into a giant supermarket for the 1st time.

Supermarkets are massive, with thousands of products.

When you go to a supermarket,  you only want to buy a few things.

Imagine if you had to look through hundreds or thousands of products, just to find the ones that you want! That would take weeks.

That’s why supermarkets have aisles.

If you ask a friendly employee in the supermarket where something is (like cake) (s)he will say “Oh you want the cake aisle, aisle 27”

Aisles are like streets in a supermarket.

On one aisle you will find all types of one or a couple of things.

Like all the baking stuff in the baking aisle…

And the meat stuff in the meat aisle

So, you can quickly find what you are looking for and cut down the selection of choices.

This overview of the UK Graduate Market gives you an overview of the “UK Job’s Supermarket” and the industries are kind of like aisles.

You can get some basic big picture information to start informing your choices and which industries you might want to have a look at further.

Also, with COVID-19, a lot of students are asking what the UK graduate market is like now in 2021.

So, we used information from Highflier’s “Graduate Market in 2021” to give you:

  • Key Insights into the UK Graduate Market in in 2021
  • Key Ideas and Takeaway to help you as an international student

Where does this information come from?

This information was compiled and summarised from High Flier’s “ The Graduate Market in 2021” , a full copy can be downloaded for free here.

Based on research conducted from the 100 best known and most successful employers in the UK (Times Top 100 Graduate Employers) during December 2020.

The Important Figures