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6 Month Plan to Get Hired

UK CV - Job Application Mistakes

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In this guide, we lay out a 6-month plan to help you get a job in your desired field. You will reverse-engineer the process. You will automate your job search. You will practice for interviews. This plan will give you the tools and mindset to land your dream job.

Table of Contents

  • Reverse Engineer the Process

  • Application Plan

  • Organising Time + Consistency

  • CV’s and Cover Letters

  • Automating Vacancies and Applications

  • Online Test/ Technical Upskilling

  • Interview Practise

  • Final Third

  • The awkward avoidance

  • FAQ

Reverse Engineer the Process

When starting a job search, you must reverse the process. It’s crucial. This will maximize success and efficiency. Setting a clear target or goal can help people avoid the frustration of aimlessly searching for any job. Instead, they can focus strategically. They focus on opportunities that fit their career goals and skills.

Set Clear Goals

  • Define specific career aspirations
  • Identify necessary qualifications and skills
  • Research target companies and industries

To reverse engineer the process. You need to understand each company’s requirements. This includes the deadlines and needed qualifications. By doing so, candidates can show they are strong. They can also boost their odds of getting interviews.

Strategic Planning

  • Research application timelines
  • Organize and allocate time effectively
  • Prioritize opportunities based on goals

Application Plan

Creating a plan for job applications is crucial. It should be structured. It is crucial for anyone looking to get hired. Job seekers may feel lost. They lack a clear strategy. This makes them frustrated and unsuccessful. By applying in an organized way. Individuals can greatly raise their chances. They can get interviews and land their desired job.

Record and Track Applications

  • Develop a spreadsheet to track 50 companies and roles
  • Include direct links to the company and application status
  • Monitor deadlines and follow-up opportunities


By keeping detailed records of applications. Candidates can manage their job search well. They can find what strategies work and stop wasting effort. This approach allows for proactive follow-ups. It also allows for changes based on outcomes. It makes the job search process more efficient.

Organize and Prioritize

  • Allocate time for targeted applications
  • Utilize the plan to prioritize and manage application deadlines
  • Reduce randomness and frustration in the job search process

Organising Time + Consistency

Today’s world is fast-paced. It can be hard to stay consistent in job searching. There are many distractions and priorities. You must organize time well and set a routine. This will increase your chances of getting hired.

Create a Repeatable Schedule

Spend at least one to three hours per week on job search. You must make a repeatable schedule. It must fit your availability and ensure consistent effort. This effort is to find a job.

  • Set aside time for job applications. Also, use it for online test practice and interview prep.
  • Use digital calendars and reminders. Use them to schedule job tasks.
  • Prioritize job search activities. This will ensure regular and consistent effort.

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