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Pass the KPMG Interview 2024

Pass the KPMG Interview 2024

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Pass the KPMG Interview 2024: Ace Your Interview with Confidence

Unlock the secrets to passing your KPMG interview in 2024. Discover insider tips, strategies, and insights. They will help you stand out and get your dream job at one of the Big Four professional services firms.

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Why KPMG?
  • Why do you want to do this job?
  • How do you make decisions?
  • Tell me about yourself and your CV
  • Tell me about a recent piece of Business News
  • Describe a time when you have to overcome a challenge or conflict within your team
  • The Application Process
  • Next Steps to Prepare
  • FAQ


Welcome to the essential guide for acing your KPMG interview in 2024. In this section, you’ll get insights into how to apply to KPMG. It includes key facts about the company and what to expect in interviews. Whether you’re a graduate or a professional, these tips will help you get ready and stand out during your KPMG interview. Read on to discover how to Pass the KPMG Interview 2024.


When preparing for your KPMG interview, you must know why you want to work there. Here are some compelling reasons that make KPMG an attractive employer:

● KPMG has a global presence. It is one of the Big Four Professional Services companies. It operates in 147 countries and has over 270,000 staff.

● KPMG’s Family for Literacy program has given out over 5 million books. They went to low-income households. This shows a commitment to social responsibility.

● KPMG has been in the top companies for gender equity for the last 13 years. This shows the organization is dedicated to equality.

● KPMG ranked in the Social Mobility Employers Index. It serves 83% of the Fortune 500 companies. These facts show its impact on the industry. They also show its influence.

Why do you want to do this job?

When preparing for the KPMG interview, it’s essential to articulate why you want to do the job. Here’s how to effectively answer this question:

Understand the Job Description

Study the job description to grasp the main duties. These include the daily tasks. They also include the needed skills and experiences. If the description lacks detail. Search for similar job titles. This will give better information.

Articulate Job Responsibilities

During your answer, explain the tasks and duties of the role. Make sure your response fits the job description. Interview systems often check for keyword matches.

Showcase Relevant Skills and Experiences

Highlight two to four key skills or experiences that you have. Provide specific evidence for each claim. The evidence should be measurable. For instance, if you claim sales proficiency, back it up with specifics. For example, the number of appointments made or calls conducted.

How do you make decisions?

During the KPMG interview, you may be asked about your decision-making process. Here’s how to effectively address this question:

Utilize the STAR Method

When discussing a decision, consider using the STAR method. It helps you structure your response. This approach ensures a clear and organized explanation. It shows your process for making decisions.

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Emphasize Analytical Approach

Highlight times when you used analysis to make decisions. It may involve data analysis. It may involve problem-solving. Or, it may involve strategic planning. Showing your analytical mindset can reveal your decision-making abilities.

Show Adaptability and Flexibility

Show your ability to adapt. You can do this by handling change and making decisions under pressure. Focus on times when you were flexible. They show your ability to navigate complex situations well.

Tell me about yourself and your CV

When asked to “tell me about yourself” in an interview, it’s crucial to have a structured answer prepared. Begin by introducing who you are and what you are currently doing. Then, discuss your work experience. Also, talk about your extracurricular activities. Include any relevant skills and interests. You must practice delivering this introduction well. It’s key to be confident and brief. You need a strong start and a confident end. Also, walk through your CV. Focus on presenting your experiences and activities in order. Emphasize your current work. Also, talk about your past work, activities, and skills. Remember, practice makes perfect. A good personal intro can greatly affect your interview.

Pass the KPMG Interview 2024 Job Ready English

Tell me about a recent piece of Business News

Staying updated with recent business news is key for interview prep. When asked about recent business news, talk about a big event. Or, speak about an industry trend or company development. Say what has caught your attention. Showing you know about current business shows your proactive approach and industry knowledge. It’s good to explain the implications and impact of the news. This showcases your analytical thinking. It also shows your understanding of business. Staying on top of business news improves your interview responses. It also shows your engagement with the wider professional world.

Describe a time when you have to overcome a challenge or conflict within your team

Resolving conflicts in a team is essential. It keeps productivity and cohesion. When faced with this, it’s crucial to use strategy and clear communication. Here’s how to address this question:

Identify the Situation and Significance

Start by clearly stating the context of the conflict or challenge. This includes the project or task and why it was important. For example, if the conflict was about decision-making for a crucial project. Stress how resolving it will help the project succeed.

Utilize the STAR Method

Employ the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to structure your response. Describe the actions you took to fix the conflict. This includes listening to team members’ concerns. It means leading open discussions and using a resolution plan.

Showcase Leadership and Collaboration

Highlight your ability to lead and collaborate within a team setting. Emphasize how you navigated the conflict well. You encouraged open dialogue and achieved a positive outcome. This outcome benefited the team and the project.

The Application Process

Applying to work for KPMG has a different process for professionals and grads. Professionals can expect a series of interviews. It starts with an HR screener interview and moves up the division or business unit hierarchy. This may involve speaking to a business manager, director, or partner. Two to three interviews are common before getting the job. But, graduates applying to work for KPMG will take an online test and a virtual assessment. Then, they will attend a virtual Launchpad assessment. This process includes many tasks and simulations. These include math questions. They also have situational tests and video interviews. It lasts 45 minutes to an hour. The process takes 1 to 3 months. Graduates face a longer timeline due to specific intakes and more applicants.

Next Steps to Prepare

As you prepare for your KPMG interview, you must understand the job description well. Tailor your responses to it. For professionals, expect many in-depth interviews. Graduates should focus on doing well in online tests and the virtual Launchpad. Also, you must stay updated with industry news. You must also hone your skills. These skills are in making decisions, analyzing, and solving problems. These skills are key for success at the KPMG interview. Consider signing up for industry news bulletins. Also, practice the STAR method. It will help you structure your responses well. Finally, use available resources. These include interview preparation guides and toolkits. They will help you get ready for the interview.

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